Thursday, June 3, 2010

SWIMMING POOL OWNER!!! You can Save Money with a Pool Vacuum

Before reading this, may I recommend you to read first, FILTERS AND PUMPS OF SWIMMING POOL: Important tools for Pool Maintenance

When the summer comes, it is time for you and your family members to enjoy swimming. If your pool is not maintained on a regular basis, biologics, rain and dust can make the pool polluted. It is said that you have to carefully check your pool chemistry. Using the proper chemicals in the correct concentrations is very essential. Keeping good records and a routine that includes shock treatments at key intervals is also very significant. Additionally, you will need to physically hygienic your pool using your pool vacuum to keep everything looking good. Proper and timely cleaning will decrease the amount of pool chemicals and energy which is necessary you will need to handle your pool.

Watchful maintenance of your pump and filters including your skimmer will make your job easier. Every day cleaning of your skimmers is very essential particularly if you are receiving a lot of rain or wind. Backwashing your sand filter or cleaning your filters every week will save you money in terms of energy use.

The reduced resistance will make the pump operate cooler and more efficient. This is very important when using the pump to run your pool vacuum. The more suction power at the end of the vacuum tool the more dirt and grime will be eliminated from the walls and bottom. Using a pole pool vacuum is the best method to assure that your pool will be clean. It can be boring work and requires a level of tolerance and discipline if you are to do a good job. In some cases, a brush will have to be employed to get rid of the most stubborn dirt or algae from the pool walls.

Many pool owners find the process of using a hand or pole pool vacuum far too time consuming and have selected for an automatic pool vacuum cleaner. These units can be a huge time savior and are good for preventing your pool from getting so polluted that it must be cleaned by hand. These crawlers creep along the bottom powered by the suction from the pool pump. You will commonly hear a snapping sound as they work and this is the pool vacuums valve opening and closing as it moves. It should be noted that even the best automatic pool vacuum will miss areas in your pool. You will have to identify these areas and physically clean them by hand.

Most pools have a pool cage around them to reduce both insects and the amount of leaves and other debris from getting in the pool. However, there is a lot of dirt, pathogens and biologics that are relatively small and will end up in your pool even with a screen. Even though, your pool seems good to the naked eye it may in fact have hidden grime or biologic problems. Many times your chemical checking will give you a sign that something is not accurate. Giving your pool a good brushing and cleaning will in many cases solve the difficulty. It is a lot cheaper than purchasing expensive chemicals to bring your pool back into balance. Again, routine scheduled cleaning will a lot to prevent troubles. Then you can get pleasure from your pool knowing that it is a safe and hygienic place for your family to swim.


  1. Along with other filtration & circulation system, Vacuuming is also an important aspect that helps to remove unnecessary dirt & debris from the swimming pool and keep water clean & sparkling. Thank you for sharing such a nice information with us.


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