Sunday, June 20, 2010

SWIMMING POOOL VACUUMS - Important Tools For Your Pool

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The whole point of having a personal swimming pool in your garden is to spend time taking pleasure in it with friends and family. However, if you end up spending more time on pool maintenance than you do swimming, your pool might begin to seem like a hassle rather than a source of fun. If that's the circumstances that you're presently facing, there are methods to solve the problem. First and foremost, you need the right tools to assist you keep your pool sparkling clean without the need for hours of backbreaking work. This is where quality swimming pool vacuums come into play. In fact, efficient and effective pool vacuums are essential tools for your swimming pool, as they will allow you to keep your pool clean and free of debris while making your life far easier.

Having clean and clear pool water is not only significant visually, it's also very important for health reasons. Dirty, contaminated water can create a serious health risk for swimmers as bacteria and other particles can cause infections and irritation. This is why regular pool maintenance is so significant. In addition to using chemicals to kill bacteria and other contaminants, you also need to get rid of visible debris such as dirt, sand, bugs and leaves. While swimming pool filtration systems will remove some particles and debris from the water, other debris will need to be removed by using a vacuum.

There are many dissimilar kinds of swimming pool vacuums available on the market today that will allow you to clear many types of debris out of your pool. There are both above ground pool vacuums and in-ground pool vacuums that have been designed to clean up the whole lot from fine sand and silt to twigs and pebbles. While some above ground pool vacuums are specifically designed for use on flat bottom pools only, there are also models available that can be used on both flat bottom pools and dish bottom pools. As for in-ground pool vacuums, many of the best models can be used to clean a variety of different types of surfaces including vinyl and fiberglass. So no matter what particular type of swimming pool you may have, you can find a great selection of both above ground and in-ground pool vacuums to select from.

When picking a swimming pool vacuum, you would like to make sure that you prefer one that will provide effective, thorough cleaning without any hassles or difficulties. One of the best ways to make certain that you purchase a vacuum that will give you the results you want and need is to go with a trusted and respected brand name. It's also important to consider the individual features and characteristics of the different pool vacuums and make a decision which ones will be the most fit for you and your swimming pool.

For example, if you have a square or rectangular pool rather than a round swimming pool, you might want to consider purchasing a vacuum that is designed to clean hard-to-reach corners. Such swimming pool vacuums will naturally feature triangular vacuum heads and angled brushes. In the same way, other characteristics of swimming pool vacuum heads are also important to consider. While some swimming pool vacuum heads are designed to mainly provide strong suction that will pick up mud, rocks algae, and leaves without clouding the pool water, others will also include brushes and will be designed to provide scrubbing as well as suction.

Whether you're looking for in-ground pool vacuums or above ground pool vacuums, you should also think about which add-ons and accessories you will need to make your pool maintenance routine even easier. For example, telescoping poles are one of the most accepted types of vacuum attachments, and they can significantly reduce the hassle involved in cleaning your pool. Available in different lengths, telescoping poles will attach to many different types of swimming pool vacuum heads and will allow you to access hard-to-reach areas without straining your back. Other swimming pool vacuum accessories include Hose Huggers, which provide a convenient way to carry and transport vacuum hoses, and vacuum hose reels, which eliminate tangled messes of hoses on your pool deck and make it easy to maneuver your vacuum cleaner.

From in-ground pool vacuums to above ground pool vacuums, there are many brands, models and designs to select from. However, all of the highest quality swimming pool vacuums share certain characteristics in that they will provide you with the cleaning power and maneuverability that you need to quickly and easily rid your pool of dirt and debris. By helping you keep your pool water sparkling clean and by cutting down on the time and effort involved in pool maintenance, high quality swimming pool vacuums allow you to spend less time working and more time enjoying your pool, making them truly important tools for your swimming pool.


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